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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wedding Save The Date Magnets Ideas, Recommendations, And Samples

Save the date magnets wedding style!

Looking to announce your upcoming nuptials with wedding save the date magnets?  There are many styles and manufacturers out there, along with ways to word your announcement.  How do you know which one is right for you?  You need to take so much into consideration regarding your STD's that you probably haven't even thought of.  You could just go to a site, pick a design, and order it.  Problem solved.  If you do go that route, without taking some time to consider the impact your announcements will have, you could be setting your wedding up for failure. 

Don't do that.  Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  So many couples end up looking back at their special day and say, "Hmm, yeah.  It was okay."  Is that what you want for your wedding day?  I may be going a little overboard (see the first photo, ha ha!) but I just want you to have an awesome wedding.  Take a few moments to come up with the perfect save the date magnets for weddings or any event, for that matter.  You have so many choices, and that's a good thing for you!  Here are some recommendations, ideas, and samples (shown throughout the article) of great save the date wedding magnets!


Great save the date wedding magnets ideas

Did you realize that your magnets will be the very first item associated with your wedding?  Many of your guests will take one look at it and decide in that instant whether or not your event will be fun, romantic, casual, funny, crazy, boring, mediocre, etc.  The last thing you want is to put across the wrong vibe with your  wedding magnets.  

The first thing to think about, before even ordering your wedding save the dates, is your theme.  You don't have to have every detail ironed out, but knowing in advance what style of wedding you are planning on throwing is crucial.  Your guests need to know if it will be laid back or black tie formal.  sure, you can get this across in your  wedding invitations, but it's better to do it right up front!

The truth is, most couples want to have a FUN wedding.  Who wouldn't?  So, it might be wise to set the tone by emphatically stating your wedding is about celebrating and having a blast!  You can do this with funny save the date wedding magnets.
Hello, 70's!  Simply Awesome!
I can hear you now.  "But I don't have a sense of humor!" or " I don't want to make fun of us/me/the event/etc."  If you feel this way, you don't have to be humorous.  Go with romantic or some other mode.  But for those who want go with funny save the dates, read on.

Who Are You?  I don't only mean as a couple, but individually, too?  Base your magnet theme on whatever defines you, whether it's a love for animals or two contrasting occupations, like a firefighter and a chemist (getting any ideas?).
Obviously comic book geeks...And PERFECT for them!

What Is Your Wedding Theme?  Another great way to set yourself up with save the dates that speak of your event, style them as you want your wedding to be.  Ocean theme?  Mardi Gras?  Downhome Country? Whatever it is, build your save the date magnet around the theme.
Obvious what their theme is?  They did it right!

Go with the photo!  Making save the date photo magnets is the BEST recommendation I can make for you.  It is so easy to make funny and cheap save the date magnets this way.  Dress up in your theme or your "Who Are You?" style and have a friend shoot away!  A decent digital camera should be fine.  And remember to HAVE FUN!!!
Classically romantic save the date!

These save the date ideas should get you going and get you excited about making them.  Look, if you aren't excited, how can you expect your guests to be?

Wedding save the dates magnets makers and recommendations

Who should you go with to make them, especially if you want cheap save the date wedding magnets?

Wedding Paper Divas
This site is a class act.  They have all of the product displayed very cleanly and easy to look at.  No distractions from a ton of refrigerator magnets screaming at you, "CHOOSE ME!  CHOOSE ME!"

I didn't go to the product pages because I liked the first page so much!  There are so many different ways to narrow down your search, you will save a lot of time on this site.  The do put the popular ones here, too, and I don't blame them--they want to sell product so put out the most popular, right?  If you want to be unique, obviously don't shop these!

This site was a little more difficult to manage.  The only way I could find save the save the date magnets for weddings was to do a search in the search box on the home page.  This company is a BIG printing company, so don't expect them to specialize in wedding save the dates. I did like their layout, although a little more busy, if your eyes can handle more selections crowding the page.

There are a bunch more companies to look at, but they all are relatively the same.  If you are looking for lower cost save the dates, you should add your favorites to your carts, proceed as if you're going to buy, then take notes before hitting "Purchase!"  good luck!